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ISTA-1A / 2A – Carton Drop Test

For the Carton Drop Test, there are 2 standards can be referred, the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 1A and 2A. Normally most of clients use the specification of ISTA 1A, the drop procedures of ISTA 1A and 2A are the same, but their Drop Heights are different.

Drop Height

The test drop height varies with the weight of the packaged-product:

Packaged-Product WeightDrop Height Free Fall

Drop Procedure
1. Firstly, make sure the samples are good samples (Including visual and function).
2. Re-pack it to original condition, including any nylon packing straps if any.
3. Then, select suitable floor. The floor should be flat, rigid base such as steel, concrete etc.
4. Conduct the drop test as per below sequence:

Sequence # OrientationSpecific face, edge or corner
1Cornermost fragile face-3 corner, if not known, test 2-3-5
2Edgeshortest edge radiating from the corner tested
3Edgenext longest edge radiating from the corner tested
4Edgelongest edge radiating from the corner tested
5Faceone of the smallest faces
6Faceopposite small face
7Faceone of the medium faces
8Faceopposite medium face
9Faceone of the largest faces
10Faceopposite large face

After the drop test, following is not allowed:
- Export cartons are damaged
- Unit boxes inside the export carton are damaged
- Sample or parts inside the gift box are damaged, deformed, scratched, dented or other defects
- The functional performance after the drop check is not satisfactory

Inspection Standard

Audit Standard

Testing Requirement

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